Soudure Brault inc. was founded in February 1982 by Paul Brault. In the beginning, the company was manufacturing wineries equipment. A few months later Soudure Brault inc. started production of air-conditioned mobile trailers then wood stove maple evaporator.

Since then Soudure Brault Inc. has always been progressing and diversifying its production:

  • 1984: production of dump bodies and other transport equipment
  • 1985: production of balcony railings and stairs
  • 1988: production of livestock bodies and acquisition of a new facility in Dunham
  • 1992: construction of a paint booth for truck and large equipment
  • 1998: construction of a truck and equipment repair workshop
  • 2001: Building expansion
  • 2005: Construction of a new building and equipment modernization

The company continues to evolve and expand. Today, it has 27 employees and its facilities cover a surface area of nearly 25 000 ft².