Dump bodies

After many years of research and development, Braults all aluminum dump boxes have established themselves as a formidable counterpart to the steel dump boxes, requiring less upkeep while maintaining its structural resilience. Fabricated with our exclusive 6061-T6 all aluminum extrusions, an alloy of superior quality. The walls and tailgate are made of a double thick wall. The outsides are polished mirror shine to allow for an esthetically pleasing box, while maintaining its structural integrity inside. Ingenious conception has allowed us to build a dump box much lighter than our competitors. Savings of up to 2000 kgs are accomplished in comparison to the steel box (19ft). Many options are available to suit the needs of any customer.


  • Longerons extrudés en aluminium 6061 T6
  • Plancher d’une pièce d’aluminium 5083, ½" d’épaisseur
  • Bavette 4" en aluminium extrudé 6061 T6
  • Côtés moulés d’une seule pièce 5/16" d’épaisseur (modèle Classique)
  • Murs doubles extrudés (modèle Alcoa)
  • Panneau arrière incliné de 6"
  • Barrures du panneau arrière actionnée par un "booster" à air de type 30 avec système de barre de sécurité
  • Protège cabine 15" de longueur
  • Support de toile avec ressorts à torsion
  • Rouleau de toile électrique
  • Lumières électroniques LED
  • Console pour benne et pup

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Lengths: 12’ to 22’
Sides: 36”, 42”, 48”
Exterior width: 100”
Interior widths: 90” in the front and 91” at the back
Other dimensions available upon request
Standard console
Console with pup trailer controls
Standard power takeoff
Automatic transmission power takeoff
C102D2.5 pump with return
35 or 50 gallon round aluminum reservoir with stainless steel strap
Exhaust heat trap
Tag Along trailer hitch
Pup trailer hitch (hydraulic system)
OPTIONS Excavation dump bodies
Floor 5/8” thick by 48” long
Double walls (Classic model)
Side-opening tailgate (swing gate)
Coal trap (standard or base)
Asphalt tarp
Tarp tension mechanism with UHMW liner
Options pup trailer
Available with two or three axles
REYCO spring suspension and HENDRICKSON air suspension
Q-PLUS brakes
Steel chassis or extruded aluminum chassis
Dump bodies
Dump bodies
Dump bodies
Dump bodies
Dump bodies
Dump bodies
Dump bodies
Dump bodies
Dump bodies