What we do

We are one of the largest manufacturers of custom aluminum tippers, platforms and trailers in Quebec.

A leader and renowned company in the welded fabrication of aluminum, Soudure Brault inc. stands out from the competition by its expertise and the quality of its products. Over the years, the company has been able to meet industry standards and adapt to market requirements in order to build loyalty and maintain a relationship of trust with its customers.

Always with the aim of offering a quality product, our operations are certified according to the CWB, CSA 47.1, CSA 47.2 standards in addition to the ISO 9001 standard. In addition, we offer equipment repair and modification services, sandblasting, painting, plasma cutting and bending.

Our goal for the next few years would be to automate some of our processes in order to stay on the cutting edge of technologies in our industry. This shift would allow us to be even more competitive in our offer to customers; by reducing our lead times, increasing our production capacity and offering more possibilities for the customer.

Why aluminum? Aluminum pays for itself in long-term performance, reduces maintenance, is environmentally friendly, has residual value and a long-lasting aesthetic appearance. Our products are made from high quality aluminum, either 5000 and 6000 series (maritime grades); which makes our products more robust and durable.


Our expertise allows us to respond quickly to projects from the simplest to the most complex. Our rapid design service and large production capacity allow us to meet the requirements of vehicle fleets of all types and sizes. Our design team is made up of young professionals who are motivated by challenges, innovation and new product development. The collaborative approach with clients is favored in order to allow our team to fully understand your needs and find innovative and effective solutions for your projects.


Trailer and semi-trailer parts, Hydraulic components and hoses, Pneumatic components and hoses, Lashing and lifting equipment. Aliminum extrusions, aluminum, steel, repair and maintenance parts for heavy vehicles.


Truck bed, semi-trailer, trailer and others. Bodywork of heavy vehicles.


Improvement project for your equipment. 3D drawing team for better visualization of your projects.


Surface preparation is done by sandblasting, which removes corrosion-generating impurities such as grease, scale, rust and old paint. This treatment provides optimum adhesion to the new coating subsequently applied.


We have two ultra modern 56ft X 18ft paint chambers to accommodate large equipment, such as semi-trailers.


For your large-scale work, a 12 foot – 230 ton folding press, 10 foot – 130 ton folding press, 10 foot X ¼ ” shear, 1 8 foot X 3/16 roll.

Since 1982


Our mission is to provide aluminum transportation equipment that is efficient, durable and tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Soudure Brault inc. was created in February 1982 by Paul Brault. The initial activity was the manufacture of tailor-made equipment for the vineyards. A few months later, she began manufacturing mobile boxes for the film production industry.


Production of gravel and transport boxes 


Production of balcony and stair railings


Pig box production


Acquisition of a new factory in Dunham

4000 square feet


Construction of a paint shop

Area increases to 5,000 square feet


Addition of a repair shop


Major expansion of the plant

The factory is now 17,000 square feet


Major fire

Factory reconstruction

Half of the factory was destroyed by flames. Brault took the opportunity to modernize these facilities despite the tragedy.


Purchase of the neighboring workshop and expansion

Addition of 16,000 square feet


The start of automation

The two factories now total 66,000 square feet with more expansions on the horizon

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