Our platforms service

Lightweight, rigid, maintenance-free

Brault aluminum platforms are lighter, stronger and require less maintenance than steel platforms. Like the front wall, the floors of our platforms are made entirely from 6061-T6 aluminum extrusion. They are 3 to 6 inches lower than other platforms on the market; the center of gravity is thus lower and the cargo space is maximized.

Its underside, being plain, requires much less maintenance since it does not retain mud and snow. On each side, the friction strips as well as the rails for the winches are included in a single extrusion in the structure of the platform. Several lengths and options are available to optimize your platform.

Innovative system for more lightness

Platforms for on-board forklifts

The “Moffet” or “Manitou” type forklift platforms are uniquely designed. The 100% aluminum platform frame is fitted to a rear steel structure to accommodate the forklift. Long reinforcement plates, adapted to each truck, provide an optimal and stable structure to support the forklift.

For a long range

Crane and pup trailer platforms

Soudure Brault inc offers a complete service for the preparation of a material crane truck as well as the manufacture of formwork platforms. The manufacture of structural sub-frames is carried out according to the requirements of crane manufacturers. Each installation is adapted according to the truck of our customers.

Lightweight, safe, ergonomic

Platforms for signage

The signaling platforms are intended for several tasks: transport, installation and collection of traffic cones, transport of Jersey-type concrete bumpers and others.

The platforms are adapted according to the requirements of each signage company or contractor.

They can be designed with several options.

  • Tilting side panels on several distinct sections.
  • Multi-level floors to accommodate the pickup of traffic cones.
  • The ergonomic sides securing the pick-up.
  • A 100% aluminum floor with non-slip relief
  • Stair bumper
  • And more
All sizes available

Utility platforms

According to customer requirements, Brault platforms, in aluminum, are 100% customizable.

Flooring in 1 “thick extrusions, up to 2 1/2” thick.

Front wall can accommodate optional tie-down bars.

Lashing pockets on the sides under the floor

Recessed trailer hitch

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